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Julie’s Garden will be a tiny home community located in Alabama just minutes away from Montgomery and only two hours away from Atlanta, Georgia. This tiny home community is aiming to become one of the most pleasant and diverse communities supporting the tiny home movement, offering affordable land for lease for permanent/long-term tiny home residency.


This tiny home community, offering land for lease, will be the first park model, zoned as an RV park, tiny home-only community in the area. We desire to have lots for lease for 20 tiny homes on 7 acres surrounded by a beautiful gardenscape. The property sits on additional acres, so there will be room for walking and relaxing near the pond.

Tiny house communities and villages are very essential to the tiny house movement. They help to bring together like-minded tiny home owners in one place to share land, time together, skills, support, costs and other resources. This tiny house community is helping to support the tiny house movement by creating space for tiny home owners who desire to live a simple life in a community village atmosphere, whether that may be online or off-grid.

We are currently accepting applications now and looking to have our tiny home owners in their new home in time for the holidays (November 2022).

The intimate community will be built on a 7-acre section of the 20-acre property, in the backyard of an existing home owner. The pint-sized village consisting of only 20 dwellings with private “patio/yard” space will cater to ecologically aware small space dwellers. Each lot size will be approximately 50’ x 50’, angled to better allow for tow in/out. 

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We’re seeking emotionally mature, cooperative people of all kinds to join us in creating a sustainable wellness ecovillage. If you have the knowledge, skills and physical ability to garden and build, we want you! We want to bring together like-minded people to become an extended family where we can eat, play, work and live together in wellness and harmony.

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Imagine your tiny home expanded into a personalized outdoor living space. Each of you will be encouraged to create your outdoor living space in a way that inspires and nourishes your individual vibe and lifestyle. We also encourage mindfulness in your design - creating a space that respects the environment and the neighbors around you.

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 We have land lots for lease in our Alabama tiny home community for tiny homes on wheels. Check out our site for more details.

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